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KHAZ - Christina Harmer.JPG
KHAZ - Christina Harmer.JPG

KHAZ is a disruptive, female-owned brand based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Christina in 2020, where the designer started designing and learned how to sew on her own during the pandemic. The world is your oyster and you can do anything ;) KHAZ offers high-quality apparel made from locally sourced fabrics that fuse comfort with effortless style. Christina is a Moscow-born, Toronto-based fashion designer inspired by European fashion. She is passionate about creating and designing custom pieces for women of all ages and demographics.  She believes comfort doesn't need to be boring, and sustainability is the way forward. Every item she creates is made for busy bodies who desire to look good and be comfortable. 

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Instagram : @khaz.designs



Stavas Menswear has been designing bespoke custom-made suits for weddings, proms, graduation day, anniversaries, and every special occasion since 2006. Our skilled craftsmen in India have honed their skills from traditional tailoring methods passed down the ages, and we take pride in crafting garments that are tailored to perfection. We believe in providing expert guidance on current trends, styles, and fabrication to ensure that each client receives the best options for a professional look that exudes confidence and makes a statement.


At Stavas Menswear, we are committed to excellence every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final fitting. We understand the importance of looking and feeling your best on that special day, and we are dedicated to being the haberdasher of choice for every occasion.

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Instagram : @stavasmenswear



Designer Olesia Lazovaia is the artisan behind all her garments. They are handmade in Canada. Designer, lawyer, economist, realtor, teacher and artist, her unconventional talent doesn't stop there. She has also studied computer science, accounting, photography, and make-up.


Olesia moved to Canada in 2014. Arriving from Russia, she spoke neither English nor French at the time. After settling in Canada, she returned to her former passion, fashion design. This gave birth to the La Kira line, which she launched in 2019. It didn't take long for her first customers to arrive, and her reputation was quickly established.


Olesia's interest in fashion began at an early age. Her very first garment was a skirt, which she sewed at the age of six from an old umbrella, carefully following the advice of her great-grandmother, who was a women's seamstress. The passion for fashion is rooted in family tradition. Her paternal grandfather was also a tailor, and she grew up watching her mother, herself a fashion designer, run a textile business.


Olesia's interest in fashion has always been present, and her other careers have never distracted her from her primary passion. It was finally in 2017 that Olesia gently returned to fashion design.


La Kira, her elegant casual line, is very personal to her. It is named after the first syllable of her last name and her daughter's first name, Kira. The modernity of family life is the source of inspiration for her creations, from elegant casual kid’s clothing and her main line, which are evening and couture pieces.


The brand began with made-to-order work, before expanding to online sales, consignment in boutiques and, most recently, La Kira offers its line in a boutique in Toronto's fashion district, the Holt Renfrew Centre on Bloor Street.


The Olesia Lazovaia and La Kira brands are increasingly present at major fashion shows.

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Instagram : @olesialazovaia


"Rosa Wharton is a Caribbean mixed-media textile artist and environmental
scientist. Originally from the island of Barbados, textile and fashion design
have always been her passion. She moved to Canada in 2017 and later
completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Textile Design."

              Instagram : @rose.lyn.9/@rosa.wharton

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"Vibe the People is a print-heavy streetwear founded by Ruby Bagaya; a
clothing designer, couturier, and artist based in Toronto, Ontario. The brand
seamlessly merges form, function, and style with a focus on capturing a sense
of play and individuality."

Instagram : @vibethepeople

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"Kareem Mitchell is a Toronto Artist, Urban Design Architect and Designer
who combines various visual techniques through creative exploration.
With a passion for innovation, Kareem's visual approach has gained him
visibility among industry experts in architecture, fashion and education and
his interdisciplinary interests have led him to pursue artistic and academic
projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
Kareem developed an interest in fashion by collaborating with upcoming
fashion designers and by attending and working with several fashion shows in
Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. As an artist and designer, Kareem's work
aims to express emotion through the magnification of color and figure. He
currently has artwork displayed at the OAG (Ottawa Art Gallery) and has
successfully showcased a line of clothing based on his artwork for the 2023
RunwayTO and Fashion Art Toronto."

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Instagram : @kareem.dwg


Love McNicoll

"I was born in Hong Kong and have accumulated over fifteen years of
experience in the apparel industry. My expertise spans a wide range of areas,
from sourcing materials to mastering sample development and
manufacturing. Throughout my professional journey, I have continuously
challenged myself, striving for excellence and accumulating a wealth of
experience through practice.
My educational background includes obtaining a Diploma in Fashion Design
from the University of Hong Kong, equipping me with the fundamental skills
and insights necessary to thrive in the competitive fashion industry.
In 2019, l founded my personal brand, Love McNicoll, which was registered in
the United States in 2020. This marked a significant leap in my career. Love
McNicoll is more than just a label; it embodies my fashion dreams, aiming to
provide modern women with unique styles while adhering to ethical and
sustainable practices."

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Instagram : @Love McNicoll

 Nishi Lookbook

"Introducing Nishi Lookbook Womenswear, a new Canadian brand that emerged onto the fashion scene in 2023. Founded and led by Prabha Maharaja, she has spent hundreds of hours designing and tailoring built-up throughout her journey over the last 10 years. Her experience and mastery can be the perfect niche that you are looking for.

We are ecstatic to present personalized clothing for any special event. Any product you receive from us is custom-made utilizing traditional tailoring mixed in with custom embroidery to make contemporary designs matching relevant styles and trends today. Each piece is meticulously created to look stunning, feel incredibly comfortable, and fit the buyer’s needs. But our commitment does not end there. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and leaves fulfilled and satisfied"

Instagram : @nishis__lookbook

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