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KHAZ is a disruptive, female-owned clothing brand based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Christina in 2020, KHAZ offers high-quality apparel made from locally sourced fabrics that fuse comfort with effortless style. Every garment is handcrafted and stitched with ethically sourced, sustainable material. Christina is a Moscow-born, Toronto-based fashion designer inspired by European fashion. She is passionate about creating and designing custom pieces women of all ages and demographic will love. She believes comfort doesn't need to be boring, and sustainability is the way forward. Every item she creates is made for busy bodies who desire to look good and be comfortable. 

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Instagram : @khaz.designs



Stavas Menswear has been designing bespoke custom-made suits for weddings, proms, graduation day, anniversaries, and every special occasion since 2006. Our skilled craftsmen in India have honed their skills from traditional tailoring methods passed down the ages, and we take pride in crafting garments that are tailored to perfection. We believe in providing expert guidance on current trends, styles, and fabrication to ensure that each client receives the best options for a professional look that exudes confidence and makes a statement.


At Stavas Menswear, we are committed to excellence every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final fitting. We understand the importance of looking and feeling your best on that special day, and we are dedicated to being the haberdasher of choice for every occasion.

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Instagram : @stavasmenswear


The Chic Bridals line threads an aesthetic deeply woven into an elegant and timeless allure. Curated in the name of the modern romantic bride with a touch of traditional values, this Canadian designer brand showcases grace, sophistication and creativity. By entwining a classic look and fashion-forward style, Chic Bridals dresses are timeless, diverse, feminine, and tailored to meet the preferences of any bride.

Driven by the passion to tap into the evolution of contemporary design while retaining a sense of tradition, this Canada-based couture brand was established in 2018. Under the creative vision of the renowned designer Noor, the collections are specially tailored to provide a palette of high-quality gowns, adorned with the most exquisite details. With the collaboration with La Maison Bridal Boutique in Ottawa, Ontario Canada; the dresses were given a space to come to life, becoming a symbol of innovation, personality, ethical approach and artistry.

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Instagram : @chic.bridals


Creative and detailed oriented fashion designer with 15 years of experience adept at working on the designs of various clothing pieces rom swimwear, lingerie, ready-to-wear, gowns and suit with a deep passion for fashion.

"This collection is made to empower women with my haute interpretation of goth fashion and dipped into the world of lingerie with yards and yards noir mesh, embroidery, and deconstructed corsets." - Ann F. Semblante

Instagram : @annsemblante

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Of Jamaican Irish decent, Canadian – born Chantille enjoyed exploring arts and crafts and as a child soon realized she had great artistic skills. At the age of thirteen she attended West Hill Collegiate Institute. She excelled as a hardworking student in many of her courses, especially Fashion Design and Visual Art. 

During her teenage years she volunteered as an assistant at her mother’s daycare, where she developed a love for working with children. She attended Centennial College and studied Early Childhood Education. After dedicating two years of her time working with children she realized that she was not completely satisfied and there was something else that she needed to pursue. Chantille believe in living life without regrets. So she decided to pursue what she loves the most, which is fashion design. Ever since then she lives by the quote, “Do what you love, the money will follow,” by Marsha Sinetar.


She attended Seneca College in the Fashion Arts program starting in Fall 2011, where her passion for fashion and skills developed, which can be seen in her work. Chantille believes in the quote, “Do it with passion or not at all.” Chantille realized that studying Fashion Arts required a lot of dedication, diligence and persistence which is also required in the Fashion industry careers. Chantille believes that dedication, diligence and persistence are the keys to success. 

Instagram : @chantilleeaton


Kareem David James Mitchell an Artist, Designer, and registered intern Architect. As an artist my work aims to express emotion through the magnification of color, figure, and abstract expressionism. The goal of my work is to prompt reflection and dialog on feelings and philosophies embodied in the artwork.

As an artist and designer my work aims to manifest expression through the magnification of color, figure, and abstrac-tion. The goal of my work is to prompt reflection and dialog on embodied feelings and philosophies in each of the pieces. My clothing Line “Artwear” by KDJM Studio aims to explore an intersection between art, fashion, and architec- ture. “Artwear’ celebrates the expression of art through fashion with rich colors and dynamic composition to capture the essence of the artistic vision and transforms it into wearable fashion forward garments.


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Instagram : @kareem.dwg

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